The Kid Behind the Iron Door


In order to cope with loss of her best friend, and the strict rules of dress and conduct imposed on all women in Iran in the mid-1980s, 8 year-old Neda escapes into her own fantasy world. Her little haven is shattered when her mother goes into labor while they hide in the basement during a bombing.

Set in Iran during the mid1980s, Kid Behind the Iron Door tells the story of 8 year-old Neda and her family as they struggle to live through constant air strikes long enough to escape the country. Even at such a young age, Neda knows that being a woman in this environment is very difficult. She rebels against the strict dress code imposed on all women and wishes she were a boy, just like Aden, her best friend who was recently killed in the unrest. Neda seeks shelter inside a little yellow tent in her family’s basement, and hides behind an old pair of aviator goggles that were once Aden’s.

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