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One morning, a man who distributes invitations to the village people for the circumcision and marriage wedding decides to give responsibility to his son. 9 year old Nabi who is a quite and shy boy has to deliver an invitation to a man in a strawberry field. When Nabi looks for the man that he has to give the invitation in a strawberry field, the girl Nabi has a crush on sees Nabi and asks Nabi if he would like to walk with him. Nabi cannot walk with the girl he has crush on because he has to deliver the invitation until 4 p.m. The girl Nabi has crush on goes to her home sadly. Nabi come accross a laborer then he learns that laborer is not the man who Nabi has been looking for. Nabi finds the man and delivers the invitation. Nabi, gets sad and he cannot hold his tears, the man gives him a strawberry. Nabi, washes his face, arms and the strawberry.
In the night, Nabi writes his feelings and thoughts on his notebook. Nabi’s father comes home then he asks Nabi about the invitation. Nabi’s father sees Nabi’s notebook then he reads Nabi’s feelings & thoughts. He starts to regret and feels sad. Nabi hugs his father.
In Morning, Nabi sees the girl he has crush on from the window. Nabi, immediately leaves the home. He forgets the letter he has written for the girl he has crush on. Nabi comes home and takes the letter. Nabi’s father kisses Nabi’s cheeks. Nabi, runs and stops the girl he has crush on. Nabi, gives the strawberry to the girl. Nabi and the girl goes to school by walking.

Original/Alternative Title: Haberci

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