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“Stolen Truth,” the short film adapted from the novel “Stolen Truth – A Story Out Loud” by Rosa Maria Mauceri. Based on a true story, part of it was filmed in the actual locations where the events occurred. Directed by Rosa Maria Mauceri, the cinematographer was Di Blasi Productions. The short film is autobiographical, shedding light on a violent father who terrorizes the entire family until the mother finds the courage to escape with Rosa and her siblings. As an adult, Rosa discovers a harrowing truth. Her mother reveals the existence of a sister, believed to be dead, who shares Rosa’s name. Thus, Rosa embarks on a quest for a truth that was stolen from her entire family. The short film incorporates original documents gathered during the investigation from various sources. The director, Rosa Maria Mauceri, who also wrote the screenplay, conducted casting sessions, and oversaw the costumes, meticulously reconstructs the events, both real and imagined, making every viewer a part of the narrative. The short film represents a new perspective, a new objective to reach Rosa Antonina, the sister never known

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