Underwater Story


This is the story of an explorer who is following a clue with a submarine that, he hopes, will lead him to rediscover the mythical civilization of Atlantis. A sea accident makes him sink into the abyss but is saved by strange creatures similar to sirens: these reveal him to be the descendants of the ancient inhabitants of Atlantis and tell their story: in fact, their ancestors came from a distant planet and their spaceship fell down to the earth off the columns of Hercules, just as Plato said. Being aliens they had the faculty to change their appearance, and so they did to try to familiarize with humans.
But the civilizations of the nearby Mediterranean invaded Atlantis and forced the aliens to take shelter under water and to change their aspect again becoming sirens and tritons.
In the abysses they survived, interacting with the submarine environment, defending endangered marine species.
José is the first human being to get in touch with them, and they give him a chance, they trust him and they return him to the mainland after having sensitized him on the risk that mankind is running with environmental pollution.
This short animation movie has been edited with original drawings made entirely by hand with a graphic tablet, no reference has been used.

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