Winfield Historical Times…And Other Oddities


‘Winfield Historical Times and other Oddities’ is a dark comedy/mystery about a young girl named Chloe, who lives a sedate suburban life in her small cul de sac of colorful neighbors. The peaceful, tree lined street, where the world looks to be in perfect order, belies the fact that behind the picturesque front doors, things are not what they appear to be. Chloe suffers from anxiety and because of it, becomes a pariah in her close knit, but well intentioned community. One morning, Chloe, who usually spends her days with her best friend Rob, finds herself with nothing to do. On a whim, Chloe, agrees to find Mr. Gladstein’s newspaper thief. It turns out the unlikely culprit is closer than expected. In the quest to find the thief, detective Chloe tracks her neighbors activities. By doing so, Chloe learns the peculiar secrets of her town and its inhabitants. As Chloe gets closer and closer to the truth of the disappearing newspaper, Chloe also learns more about herself. A neighborhood block party, that is meant to unite the community, brings the film to a surprising and comical conclusion.

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