The story is set in the 1990s, where Mrs. Zhang, a former dancer in her mid-30s, is in need of two new wardrobes due to the increasing collection of clothes. The neighbor’s nanny, Aunt Li, introduces her “nephew” Xiaochun, a carpenter, to help with the task. Xiaochun, seeing Mrs. Zhang for the first time, is intrigued by her fashionable high heels. Mrs. Zhang, noticing Xiaochun’s handsome appearance, compliments him, unaware of his situation of being forced to cross-dress to save his brother’s life.
As Xiaochun works on the furniture, he stays at Mrs. Zhang’s place during the job. Each night, he secretly observes Mrs. Zhang through the curtain, awakening his true self. It is revealed that Xiaochun had to live as a man due to a family decision to save his brother, who unfortunately passes away. One day, Mrs. Zhang returns home to find Xiaochun gone, learning about the tragic news through a letter from his hometown. Xiaochun, unable to bid farewell, leaves abruptly, leaving behind two newly crafted wardrobes in the corner.


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