Country: Bulgaria


7 minutes

Desperate to get their hands on a valuable item, Kurt (Luciano Ivanov) and his friend Marvin ...

March 8, 2020

Ko & Vid: 19

3 minutes

A short story of fear and loathing in an unprecedented time.

May 3, 2020

Giorgos Gounaropoulos from Sozopol

27 minutes

Giorgos Gounaropoulos stands as one of the most significant Greek artists of his era. Hailing from ...

Greek, Bulgarian
August 27, 2023

1,2…7,8…10 or How to Meet Your Other 1/2 In 10 Steps

5 minutes

A night in the bar. The salt for the tequila is the reason she and he ...

June 6, 2020

Dream for Happiness

28 minutes

A story about a woman who finds her way to herself.


Love, Paper, Scissors

22 minutes

Laura is a shy girl who refuses to see other people and never leaves her home ...


The Donbass children

01 hours 00 minutes

This is a movie about the Donbas war, first-person stories. You will hear the stories of ...

September 30, 2019


20 minutes

This is a story about toxic family, about control and freedom, in the heart of every ...

January 29, 2021

Deep Hours

4 minutes

The sole remaining guy left in the office, finds himself burning through overtime, taking him into ...

December 17, 2020

Till This Day

9 minutes

CG Animated Short Film ”Till This Day” is about a man with a haunted past visits ...

March 1, 2022


12 minutes

A group of alien creatures who attack planet Earth. The action takes place in LA, USA ...

May 29, 2022

Digital Asylum

45 minutes

A journalist is invited to present to the world the first of its kind facility created ...


I win

A young lady is captured by some brigands in the woods. A brave archer comes and ...

February 6, 2020

10 seconds

5 minutes

During a boxing match, Alexandra is knocked down. To return to the match, she must first ...

July 1, 2020

Alice in the real world

30 minutes

Alice is a young girl who is going through a crisis in her personal life. Trying ...

March 31, 2023

Till The End Of Our Days

28 minutes

Zara is an actress.Besides the stage and on screen,she likes to play in life as well. ...

January 1, 2019