Country: France

La fine combine

29 minutes

A good man wanting to spend the afternoon with his girlfriend lets his wife think he ...

July 1, 1931

Autour de l’argent

40 minutes

A documentary about the making of L'argent, the epic silent film directed by Marcel L'Herbier. The ...

March 19, 2000


11 minutes

Paris, October 2020. Dozens of Brazilians and Frenchmen gather at the foot of the Sacré Cœur ...

French, Portuguese
October 5, 2020

Un Castillo en España

19 minutes

A few months after a painful loss, lonely photographer Carlota Cortés fails to complete a commission ...

February 24, 2021

Gnothi Seauton

6 minutes

In the heart of the mountains, a mysterious man is being relentlessly chased down by a ...

January 25, 2023

Faux départs

21 minutes

Isabelle and Nicolas live the perfect love in Rambouillet in a magnificent property which they bought ...

September 5, 2021

Money is as innocent as the gun

42 minutes

a film of spoken word for action

September 1, 2018

La rage

11 minutes

Akmal struggles against his guiltiness and the memories of his life with Sarah, who he lost ...

February 10, 2019

Born to ride, at age four and a half I lost my leg

52 minutes

The 48-year-old pro para-cyclist has won numerous medals at national, European and international level. Over an ...

July 21, 2022

All I Had

3 minutes

The song tells the story of a young introvert woman unable to open up despite her ...

June 5, 2018

Dépression hivernale: une comédie musicale de Noël

12 minutes

As the spirit of Christmas spreads over the world, the tenants are violently depressed by a ...

December 13, 2018


9 minutes

In a police station, children and adolescents are questioned, following a homicide in a boarding school... Original/Alternative ...

March 1, 2023


Adam is crazy in love with Liv but the young woman just lost her husband and ...

February 6, 2021

Les Tempêtes

20 minutes

Four friends since childhood are back in the country to spend their summer. They are nostalgic ...



8 minutes

A married couple is splitting up. They both remember things past, but there are always two ...

French, English, English, Spanish
November 6, 2016

F.A.R. East

9 minutes

Every one, at FAR East, finds his particular place. And all the new visitors are so ...

January 17, 2021

Vieux revolver

9 minutes

When a contracted killer is hired to murder an old man, is it the end of ...

October 26, 2019


13 minutes

Niels Grayner se réveille 450 ans après la destruction de l'humanité. Il essaye de se souvenir ...

September 3, 2020

Mars Colony

34 minutes

Logan, 16, is a troubled teenager. Only his sci-fi dreams of a better life on Mars ...

January 31, 2020

Against my will

28 minutes

Valérie, a successful woman, happy in her couple, has left her consulting firm to open a ...

April 16, 2021