Country: Italy

Mia Piccola Ombra

6 minutes

"My Little Shadow" is a visual choreography between two opposed parts of a same conscience. The ...


La triste vita del mago

14 minutes

Mariano Astuzzi was a magician, a true magician. A life tormented by the inability to control ...

January 1, 1970

La Nave

43 minutes

Four enormous apartment buildings in Naples seem to determine the lives of their inhabitants. Hans Wilschut's ...

November 1, 2020

Notte di marzo

15 minutes

March 1944. Rome is under the nazi occupation and Elena is a 20, communist woman. We ...

November 20, 2021

Travel – The Bilocations of the Soul

18 minutes

Elia is an artist for particular performances. Guest of a mental health center he manages to ...


Forse ti incontro

15 minutes

Milan during fall, colored with bordeaux, blue and beige tones. Gas and Fiamma are totally different ...

November 1, 2018


6 minutes

Hamlet acted by the homeless. As Shakespeare stages, without compromise, the relationship of a human mind with ...

July 7, 2019


16 minutes

MAREE is a story of return to a land and to a past life. Two sisters, ...

May 11, 2018

Testa o croce

14 minutes

A son proudly builds a new life away from his father's addiction. But then destiny intervenes.

January 1, 2021


9 minutes

The monsters for a dancer are the fatigue behind the performance, the sacrifices, the difficulty of ...

November 3, 2020

Talk as I can feel

13 minutes

"A story in perpetual balance between gag and psychodrama".

June 29, 2016

Malo Tempo

19 minutes

Luciano serves a sentence locked up in the house, between narrow walls and even the same ...

March 20, 2018

La ricetta della mamma

15 minutes

Mico Torre, a hitman, has to kill a witness before he can testify at a trial. ...

November 30, 2018

Diana has rejoined the group

7 minutes

Carnival week, March 2001. Barese, his cousin Secondo and their friend Ivy are the former member ...

September 2, 2018

Cameracar Reloaded

20 minutes

Margherita is a girl who love Milan and the music of Blur. After a car crash, ...

English, Italian
December 1, 2019

Axé, Salvador!

53 minutes

"Axe, Salvador!" born from the author's passion for Brazil and in particular for the city of ...

December 28, 2022

Il Sergente dell’Altopiano. La storia di Mario Rigoni Stern

52 minutes

Leading the narration of the documentary is the voice of Mario Rigoni Stern himself. Starting from ...

English, Italian
February 28, 2022


9 minutes

A voice says 'I would like to make you feel nice and comfortable, and to empty ...

November 27, 2018

Fantasia sottomarina

11 minutes

The tale of two fish in love, threatened by an octopus and saved by an eel.

April 12, 1940

Lontano Ovest

28 minutes

The Far West, a land of great promises, still free fertile plains and gold fields. The ...

May 31, 2016