Country: Spain

Hunros Jorna

19 minutes

An experimental Cornish language film by Allan Wilson & Mickey Smith. Translated & voiced in Kernewek by ...

March 10, 2022


5 minutes

Saïd and his son Mohamed leave their home, ready to cross the sea in search of ...


La Nit

20 minutes

Ana, Emilia, Marta and Dario are invited to have dinner at Edu's new apartment in Madrid. ...

May 9, 2020

Un Castillo en España

19 minutes

A few months after a painful loss, lonely photographer Carlota Cortés fails to complete a commission ...

February 24, 2021

Dance for it

50 minutes

"Dance for it" documentary tells the story of three dancing couples united by the common goal to ...

English, Portuguese
February 1, 2020

Food & Design

56 minutes

"Food & Design" is a documentary on food design, redefining food through the lens of creativity ...

Chinese, English
August 31, 2023


11 minutes

"Julia" is a little story about loss and loneliness, told only with images and music.

November 24, 2022

I’m leaving

11 minutes

Carme is a young woman in process to stop living with her best friend, instead, she ...

November 26, 2020

Xiao Xian

17 minutes

Xiao Xian is in charge of finishing a dress. Her mother has decided that she is ...

Chinese, Spanish
September 17, 2019


14 minutes

"JUEVES" is a dark tale of two Spanish youths, living together in Spain, estranged from their ...

May 14, 2018

The Spirit of Pioneers

30 minutes

A short aged girl discovers a forgotten world. The world of people who still flies as dis ...

May 15, 2020


6 minutes

Luis gets into a heated argument with his girlfriend over the phone because he masks his ...



4 minutes

The movie "Antipodes" is a beautiful testament to the deep friendship between two artists. Inspired by ...

August 31, 2023

Círculos sobre agua, bajo nubes de algodón

24 minutes

In a dystopian future, with a social context influenced by various pandemics and with a political ...

February 2, 2023

Es Navidad

3 minutes

A grandmother and her granddaughter talk after having gone to the cemetery. Both argue about who ...

November 28, 2021

Adam in aeternum

14 minutes

Leaving behind him thousands of miles and a heartbreaking story, an exhausted traveler reaches the frontier ...

June 6, 2021

One Lifetime Therapy

11 minutes

A patient comes to see a psychiatrist for the first time with a bruised soul, in ...


Todo el mundo tiene porno en casa

12 minutes

Everyone has secrets that can’t be told.



14 minutes

A new doctor has just arrived at a nursing home, where he meets a patient tormented ...

March 13, 2018

The Last Days Of Jesus Tour

14 minutes

Love… death, and one last dance, drive this adrenaline fused, quirky and macabre story about a ...

April 1, 2018