This is a special book for us at Cinebaloss. In all of our festivals, we exclusively focus on short films, and not without reason. As I often say, during the lengthy conversations with filmmakers I’ve had the honor to meet over the years or at our festival screenings, cinema finds its unique and true artistic expression in short films. Feature films, rightly so, must adhere to commercial logic, while the short film is free; it can afford to be, not having to answer to anything but the desires of its creators. For this reason, what has been given to us over the years is the opportunity to witness true works of art. While feature films have a structure that makes them more or less similar, the short film is inherently free; it can be thirty seconds or ten minutes long, visually experimental, and, uniquely, it can even be entirely devoid of words.

In this book, you will find 4272 films that we have viewed over the years for the festivals we manage and cherish: Reale Film Festival (up to the 2022 edition), Assurdo Film Festival (up to 2023), Monza Film Fest (up to 2023), Milano Indie Movie Awards (up to 2022), Night of Shorts – Drama and Comedy (up to 2023). These films are part of those we’ve had the honor to view and judge; we could never have reviewed them all. For each film, you will find technical information, the film synopsis (written by the film’s producers), and, at the beginning, our rating.

IMPORTANT: We hope that no one takes offense for the evaluation given to their film. For this reason, it is crucial to understand that it is solely our subjective evaluation, and by choosing to participate in our festivals, the acceptance of our judgment is implied (which might not necessarily be adequate!). However, this judgment is important to provide guidance to our readers.

Another extremely interesting piece of information: 1225 films in this book are freely available online. Here on, you can search for and find them. How to recognize them? If at the end of the synopsis of each film, you find the abbreviation ‘SMDB,’ it means that the film is available on the site, and you can then watch it after a brief search.

This further demonstrates the generosity of filmmakers who invest ideas, energy, talent, and money into a product that they often release freely on the web.
We hope that our work is well received, and we would obviously like to continue it. For this reason, we apologize in advance if there are any errors in the text we are presenting below. However, despite our efforts to be extremely precise, managing such a large amount of information is truly challenging.
Nevertheless, we hope you can appreciate our effort and the implied declaration of love for cinema, especially for short films, which give us so many emotions.
Long live cinema!
Paolo Casarolli – Founder and Director of Cinebaloss