On a dark night, a pregnant woman driving alone on a deserted road suddenly collides with a terribly injured man. The injured man claims that he was robbed at gunpoint, and begs the woman to help him. The woman reluctantly agrees, but as soon as she turns, the injured man drops the act and walks calmly to the passenger seat, revealing a gun tucked behind his back.
The injured man asks the woman to drop him to the nearest hospital, to which the woman agrees. He furthers the conversation, during which the woman expresses her excitement for her unborn baby. She further explains how her husband, Vikram, was so excited after hearing the news that he installed baby cams everywhere, including the car. But she then reveals that Vikram had sadly passed away. She goes on to express how Vikram worked day and night to ensure that her medical issues were taken care of. But one day, Vikram found a strange injured man on a deserted road. He agreed to help him, only to be betrayed by that man. And when he refused to part with the money intended for his wife’s pregnancy, the con man shot him dead to loot his savings. She starts sobbing uncontrollably as she ends her monologue.
It is then revealed that the man sitting besides her is the same man that had killed Vikram. But the woman had turned the tables on him, as she had mixed Aconite in his water, making him unable to move. She then goes ahead to explain how she had been driving on the same road for six months, blindly hoping for the man to turn up again. With a satisfying smile, she walks out of the car, drags the man on the road, and shoots him, completing her long awaited revenge. She then drives off, leaving the con man lying on the road in her wake.

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