RUSTAM – A Muay Thai Story


Rustam is simply the baptismal name of the great Italo-Ukrainian Muay Thai champion, Rustam Vyntu, a talented, passionate, and humble fighter who managed to resume the steps of his long journey to success after the difficult forced break due to the 2020 pandemic.
This documentary-interview seeks to paint an intimate and passionate portrait of the man and the athlete, face to face with himself, without rhetoric, without veils, and without excuses.
Captured by the cameras of Laura Pronestì and Matteo Concina in the places where he cultivates his passion and in the company of his fellow sportsmen, he reveals himself to the public with his dry and straightforward style in an emotional crescendo that reaches its narrative climax in his most significant experience, the only KO suffered at the beginning of his career.
Rustam involuntarily manages to move the viewer with his delicate reserve and a sweetness that unexpectedly manifests itself only outside the ring, but he also manages to involve those who do not practice combat sports with the fire of his sports passion and the elegance of his technical gestures.

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