Flavio, immersed in the sadness of nostalgia and regret, faces his daily loneliness, seeking solace in the solitary ritual of smoking a cigarette. Each puff becomes a journey back in time, an immersion in a parallel dimension that brings to light the moments shared with Alberto.

The warmth of those hugs, the echo of shared laughter and the tears that bathed their cheeks become present, as if they had just happened. Every blurry image that surfaces, every fleeting glance that materializes and every whispered word that resonates reveal the fragile nature of human balance and the profound gravity of the choices that shaped their relationship.

The smoke fades into the air, carrying with it the melancholy and bitterness that envelops Flavio. But in that very smoke lies a strange consolation, a sense of acceptance that begins to germinate in his heart. He accepts the end of the relationship, with all its painful consequences, and launches himself into a new future, leaving behind what has been and opening his arms to the unknown that awaits him.

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