Un Cuore Due Colori


An intense and generous-hearted story about two guys, who are apparently at the opposite sides.
Behind them, the city of Naples, which is going to reach one of the most awaited goal of the last 33 years.
Gennaro, who is a supporter of the Napoli team, lives with his family in a small and humble apartment located in Quartieri Spagnoli (the Spanish Neighborhood). Quite the opposite, Lorenzo, who supports Juventus football team, comes from a well-off family of Posillipo, the richest district of Naples.
Gennaro and Lorenzo will challenge during a five-a-side football match between Napoli and Juventus
Lorenzo will wear the Juventus shirt, but Gennaro will not be able to perform because of a cardiac disease. So he will be the referee of the match.
This story will show us the human side of the sporting competition through a sequence of turning points and a really touching end.

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