Digital For Humanity – #SkillandoItalianTour


Digital For Humanity is a tribute to those who look in the mirror every morning and decide to do something for others. A story that began in 2017 when Filippo Scorza and Paolo Marazzi created the first community of digital volunteers at the service of the third sector.
“The knowledge and correct use of digital tools can now save lives, many lives” said during the shooting Alessandro Maso, creator and writer of this documentary.
Filippo and Paolo have selected 6 Non-Profit Organizations (ONP) throughout Italy, creating a hard but exciting journey, traveled by bicycle, train, and ship.
Digital For Humanity is an indiscreet eye that accompanies the protagonists step by step with a growing curiosity and an awareness that develops in the eyes of the protagonists met.
Milan, Cesena, Pieve Santo Stefano, Rome, Caserta and Santa Margherita di Belice filled in and talked about the various socio-geographical difficulties linked to these NPOs.
Lucia’s shining eyes, Francesca’s tears, Elena’s smile, Michele’s heart, Sara’s pride and Giuseppe’s determination symbolize the great dignity of those who fight every day against terrible diseases and unseemly prejudices.
A humanity that embraces and makes us reflect, delving into the desire to change a system destined to evolve, often forgetting the “small” realities of the third sector.
Digital for Humanity is a gift to dreamers. Silent heroes hidden behind monitors and keyboards who put their time and skills at their disposal, leaving no one behind.

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